Friday, September 28, 2012

Workaround to export SharePoint 2010 list/library current version value to spreadsheet

We have a requirement to export one big SharePoint 2010 document library to an excel spreadsheet with all the columns including latest version. Since by design, Datasheet view/Export to spreadsheet was never designed to view the version history of a specific column, users are not able to get version value that is critical to them. Some other people may use program (API/Powershell) to export this information but here is the quick workaround to get it through UI.

I’ve added a new column called “MyVersion” as calculated column with Formula as “=Version”. This column will get the value from Version column as displayed in the screenshot.

The Document Library will display the MyVersion column value as Version value.

Now if you export to excel, you will get MyVersion column with correct current version numbers. 

You would need to be careful the cache issue and create MyVersion column after the list or library "frozen" with no other changes.



  1. I've noticed when you first create the MyVersion column it calculates correctly, but any later amendments to a list item - any later versions - do not update the MyVersion column correctly - in fact it updates itself to 0.

    I guess this is why you added:
    >You would need to be careful the cache issue
    >and create MyVersion column after the list or
    >library "frozen" with no other changes.