Friday, December 13, 2013

Quest webpart 2013 or Quick Apps for SharePoint 2013 issues

Quest webpart for SharePoint 2010 has been renamed as Quick Apps for SharePoint to support SharePoint 2013. You can unleash the full potential of SharePoint 2013 and 2010—without relying on expensive development resources for every customization and enhancement. If you are upgrading these webparts, you should read my previous blog tips to upgrade Quest webpart on SharePoint 2013. In this blog, we will list the major issues after the upgrade and hopefully there are some solutions or workarounds out there.

The first issue is Quest installation removes the "Session" module for all webapps as in the following screenshot. 


"Session" module is used for session configuration like session timeout for our extranet users. We have configured one hour timeout for external users for security reasons. I'm not sure whether we could configure Quest first and enable the session afterward. We would need some confirmation from Dell.

The second issue enable Quest for the large webapp from SharePoint central admin timed out as shown in the following screenshot.

It works for small webapp that contains less site collections. It seems like Quest activation for webapp will add entry to farm property bag. Since large webapp with large amount of site collections needs to insert large amount of property bag that will cause the timeout.

The third issue is related to issues #2 and we found many new property bag entries after activate the Quest on webapp as shown in the following screenshot.

It seems like the Quest is adding the site collection GUID into the farm property bag and there are many entries just entered as "q" without any GUID. This might not causing the timeout when activating Quest, but also might cause farm property bag maintainability issues. If you have any insight information on the reason behind, please let us know.

We are still testing the Quest Quick Apps for SharePoint 2013 at this point. We might found additional issues in the future.

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