Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SharePoint 2013 site deletion issue w/ Access Apps

If we installed any Access App to SharePoint site and then either delete the Access App or delete the site collection, the issue is Access App databases and logins will remain on SQL database server. In the long term, we will end up many unused access database and login users.

We try different way to identify the orphan Access Apps but we have not find a good way. Here is the detailed descriptions to reproduce the issue.

 1. Create a site and add one Access App named "HarryAccess1" and another "Project Management" app from SharePoint store. Both of them are access apps.

2. Delete the "HarryAccess1" first and then delete the whole site collection. Look at the database and you will still have the two access App databases and all the logins associated with the databases.

The tricks to complete remove the access app databases and the logins is you need to run the following two steps after remove the site collection.

1. Remove site collection from graduate deletion queue

  • get-spdeletedsite -webapplication http://spsbx15 | Remove-SPDeletedSite 
  • Run “Gradual Site Deletion” immediately to delete the sites that were marked for deletion 

2. Might need to recycle the app pool running the app management service or iisreset

If you following these steps, the access app databases and logins should be removed and SharePoint databases will be clean.

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