Thursday, October 30, 2014

SharePoint 2013 issues on Internet Explorer 11

When I was doing labs during the SharePoint training, several SharePoint 2013 issues are identified accidentally against Internet Explorer 11. The most annoying one is that SharePoint pages are not in full edit mode when clicking edit page. One example is web part properties cannot be modified since the link will not displayed on the page as in the following screenshot.

Some other IE 11 comparability issues below also reported as this point.

  • Calendar web part is extremely corrupted
  • The calendar overlay button on the calendar view is disabled
  • Edit Page doesn’t place the page in Edit mode (especially on custom page layouts)
  • If you do happen to use a built-in page layout, any webparts added are unable to be customized
  • Drag and drop files to document library seems to be disabled
There are at least two ways to resolve these issues as listed below.
  1. Update IE 11 compatibility mode
  2. Update master pages to IE10 Compatibility
The easy one would be the option #1 and here are the detailed steps.
  • Place your Top Level Domain (ex.  in Compatibility Mode  
  • Place your Top Level Domain (ex. in the Intranet Sites Security Zone

There might be some other issues we might need to find out.

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