Thursday, November 20, 2014

Add or update SharePoint 2013 certificate Friendly Name

While we are configuring identity management for a hybrid topology in SharePoint Server 2013, we must replace the SharePoint security token service (STS) certificate in a SharePoint on-premises farm to build trust to Office 365 servers. We found the certification used in our SharePoint environment has empty Friendly Name. For assigning an SSL Certificate to a website or domain in IIS or Exchange can be tricky because certificates will be displayed by their friendly name. One example to build trust with OWA servers with SharePoint servers. We would like to add the Friendly Name and here are two different ways you could add or modify it. Here are two common ways to add or update SharePoint 2013 certificate Friendly Name.

1. Use third party tool. To edit the Certificate's friendly name, just run the DigiCert Certificate Management Utility, import the certification, then right click on the certificate you'd like to change then choose Edit Friendly Name.

DigiCert Utility - Right-Click Menu

2. Use certutil command as described in the blog. 

certutil –repairstore –user my {SerialNumber} FriendlyName.inf

These are two quick ways tot add or update SharePoint 2013 certificate Friendly Name. Since you need both *.cer and *.pfx  files, you might need to upload the *.cert file to IIS and generate the *.pfx file with same friendly name.

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