Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tips to resolve OneDrive for Business sync issue - Credentials needed, please enter credentials

During the last three months, I have experienced at least four times that OneDrive for Business stop syncing to local laptop with message below “Credentials needed, We need your credentials to sync some libraries. Please click here to sync now”.

After right clicking OneDrive for Business icon and click “View Sync problems…”, you could find the place to enter the credential. However, you might still get the following error. 

If you try to repair the OneDrive for Business, you might also fail. If you try to sync from the OneDrive for Business portal, you will get several different errors below.

You might find many different OneDrive for Business sync issues already reported. Microsoft is aware of such issues and have a clear direction to improve the sync process. There are many enhancements coming after the Ignight conference. 

The OneDrive for Business sync issue normally happen right after window security patch or new Microsoft Office patches. Microsoft has published the six steps to fix sync issues. However, I found the most two efficient ways to fix this issue.

1. The first is to repair the Office Application. Here are the summary of the steps.
  • Click Start > Control Panel
  • Click Programs > Programs and Features
  • Click the Office application you want to repair, and then click Change
  • In Office 2013, click either Quick Repair or Online Repair
  • Login to OneDrive for Business from O365 portal, click the sync icon 
You should all set to the folders and files synced again. Sometimes you might need to repair the Office multiple times and then restart your laptop to resolve the OneDrive for Business sync issue.

2. The second is to remove the OneDrive for Business cache as described in this support site.  After run the clean up, you need to verify the files under this location should be empty.


You could need to sync the OneDrive for Business sync again from the SharePoint online.

Before OneDrive for Business sync issue is fully addressed by Microsoft, you might need to continue using this workaround after each window or Office patch.


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