Monday, August 31, 2015

Asset Library or Video Portal for O365 videos?

Video is one of the most powerful mediums of communication. Office 365 Video provides organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content. From onboarding new employees, to distributing a CEO message company wide, to community contributions, video is now a first-class citizen to power and enrich your internal communications.
With a beautiful user interface and intuitive content management options, Office 365 Video is designed to meet the requirements of IT and win the hearts and minds of users. Powered by Azure Media Services—the same service used during the Olympics (6,000 plus hours of video in 18 days)—Office 365 Video benefits from adaptive smooth streaming technology optimizing video playback for the device it’s being viewed on. It, too, leverages Yammer and the Office Graph to deliver a social, personalized experience within Office 365. 
Recently we have a customer who requested to build a O365 site to manage the videos. My first impression is to host the videos on O365 Video Portal. However, the application requires that end users would be able to download the videos. The O365 Video Portal does not provide this “simple” function and we have to evaluate O365 Asset Library for Videos. Both approaches have pros and cons and could not be used for certain situation. I’m think to summarize here for future reference.
The pros of O365 Video Portal: 
  • Simplicity
  • Discoverability and share’ability with search and Office Delve
  • Social integration with Yammer
  • mobile ready
  • built-in security and easy to manage
  • Embed feature and share feature

The cons of O365 Video Portal:
  • No download link for video
  • Not easy to integrate with workflows to manage videos 

The pros of O365 Asset Library for Videos:
  • Discoverability with search
  • Simplicity to integrate with SharePoint other features like workflow and retention policy
  • Built-in security and easy to manage
  • Embed feature and share feature
  • Download feature
  • Flexibility to use different thumbnail 

The cons of O365 Asset Library for Videos:
  • No default thumbnail and you need to create a one
  • Not as easy as video to integrate with Office Delve
  • Not sure it’s leverage the Azure Media Services
Now it's clear you have to use O365 Asset Library for Videos if you need to provide the video download functions. We have provided the feedback to Microsoft and hope this function would be provided in the near future.

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