Friday, January 29, 2016

How to resolve SharePoint list display issue after applying January 2016 Microsoft Critical Security Patch MS16-004?

After applying January 2016  Microsoft Critical  Security Patch MS16-004 on January 12, we have run into SharePoint issue that some lists could not be displayed. The error message is “Unable to get property ‘replace’. See the screenshots.

After working with Microsoft support, we have identified two solutions.

1. The initial solution is to install the full SharePoint Server 2013 Jan 2016 CU and running configuration wizard. This cause significant concern on the server down time and regression testing. Some company may not have this option since they are on older version or SharePoint that could not be upgraded to this CU directly.  Because we do not have time to install full SharePoint Server 2013 Jan 2016 CU, we continue worked with Microsoft on any fixes.

2. On January 15, Microsoft published the official SEE communication on this issue and the fix.  “If you are looking for a minimal change to resolve the issue it you can just install the following fix which contains the missing msp file containing the localized files:

KB 3114508Download location: “. We are able to apply the fix and fix the list display issue.

In the past three years, we run into issues almost every time we apply monthly security patch that contains SharePoint features. Sometimes even security patch without SharePoint patch may cause issues. The previous issues we run into were August s4ecurity patch for the following two issues.

We were able to apply a workaround for issue #2 but are waiting the fix for issue #1 in Oct. 2015 CU. However, August, Oct, Nov, Dec 2015 CUs breaks the hybrid search.

We will track the SharePoint issues caused by monthly security patch closely in the future.

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