Thursday, April 26, 2018

Three different ways to use NextLabs 8.5 policy to block SharePoint site collections

NextLabs 8.5 provides new policy module to block SharePoint site collections. Here are three most popular ways to block SharePoint site collections.

1. Use Resource Components with site url. 

You can add one site collection url to one resource component and the policy can include multiple Resource Components to clock multiple site collection. See screenshots below.

2. Use expression in advanced condition in the policy.

You can add expression on the urls in advanced condition in the policy as in the below screenshot.

3. Use SharePoint site collection site property bag value or sub-site web property value.

a. First, add the SharePoint site collection site property bag key in the SharePoint Enforcer configuration.xml file.  Bounce the enforcer after the change.

Example is below.

    <PropertyBag disabled="false" level="SiteCollection">
      <Property disabled="false" name="SensitiveSiteCollection" attributename="SensitiveSiteCollection" />
    <PropertyBag disabled="false" level="SubSite">
      <Property disabled="false" name="SensitiveSubSite" attributename="SensitiveSubSite" />

b. Add the property to site collection property bag.

c. Construct the component resource in condition with the property bag. Then use the component resource in the policy.

Based on our testing, the option #3 is much simple than other two options. We will implement option #3 in the future for most of the policies. Of cause, the site collection bag can be modified by site owner and the policy can be impacted. As a result, we will need to address the property bag seciruty control if we use option #3.

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