Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Access denied while adding items to a list when user has contributor permission to list on SharePoint 2010

After sites upgraded from 2007 to 2010, we have identified access denied issue while adding items to a list for users having contributor permission to list but not to the site.  This has been identified 2010 out of box behavior. We are working with Microsoft to see whether any future fix could be provided.

Here is the summary of the issue and please let us know if the workarounds provided work for you.

  • Issue summary – Users with contributor above permission to the list ONLY but with no additional permissions to the parent site get access denied error when adding an item
             Example list URL                        http://sharepoint/sites/site/subsite/AllItems.aspx
            Steps to reproduce this:               Add a user as contributor or above permission to the list but do not give other permissions to the site contains the list. User can see “Add item” link but will get “Access Denied” error when adding any item

  • Root cause – This is 2010 behaviors and we are working with Microsoft to submit as a bug
There are two conditions combined that will cause this error on the list
  1. The List "Title" column is a "Calculated Column". Example is =TEXT(WEEKDAY("7/1/10"),"dddd")
  2. Users are given contributor above permission ONLY to the list but no other read above permission to the site contains the list

  • Workarounds – There are several and the following two may have least impacts
Option #1:   Add Read permission to users on the parent Site containing the list. No need to add permission to other parent sites.
Option #2:  Change the  "Title" column to be a Text value rather than a "Calculated Column"  for the affected list

If option #2 is not acceptable and you need to select option #1, users will have additional permissions to read other information on the site beside the list. Although this has been identified as Microsoft big, it may take time to be fixed in future releases.

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