Friday, March 11, 2011

Why SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics "Top Browser" report does not record IE 8 browser?

After we Web Analytics reports to SharePoint 2010 sites, we have identified several issues. I have listed in SharePoint Web Analytics Service insight part II – Reports deep explore and issues. One of the issues is I’m not able to see IE 8 browser been reported in Web Analytics "Top Browser" report to the site I owned and I am use IE 8 all the time to access it. See the following screenshot for issue details. I have noticed IE 8 has been recorded on some other sites.

We have reported this issues to Microsoft and finally we identified this is a IE 8 issue NOT SharePoint issue. The issues is the IE 8 with “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” setting does not send correct header information to SharePoint. It send itself as IE 7 and as a result, the Web Analytics "Top Browser" report will record as IE7.

Here is the way to fix it. From IE 8, go to Tools->Compatibility View Settings and  deselect “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View”. See the screen shot below.

This will allow IE 8 to send correct header to SharePoint and Web Analytics "Top Browser" report can record IE 8 access.


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  2. Fabulous info, thanks. At least we now know why we have such an astounding number of IE7 users, haha. Since this 'fix' is at the client though I'd have to say it's not really going to be a viable solution. We'll just have to move on for now knowing that the report will probably not be accurate.

  3. Wonderful information.....just the right one to mellow down the anxiety within the team when we looked at the report first :)