Wednesday, January 25, 2012

eRoom to Sharepoint 2010 migration permission mapping

From my previous blog, the key content migration challenge is eRoom database with attachments migration. We have listed all the eRoom objects to SharePoint objects mapping for content migration. The next challenge is how we migrate permissions that will include eRoom user privileges and access control list (ACLs). You may consider to reconstruct the permissions instead to migrate them.

Here is the object mapping for eRoom user privileges to SharePoint.

Here is the object mapping for eRoom access control list (ACLs) to SharePoint.

Please note we do not plan to migrate eRoom Community or Facility so we will skip the SharePoint hierarchy corresponding to eRoom hierarchy. We will also skip user privileges related to those hierarchy such as Site Adminstrator and Community Adminstrator. Since we would like to have good security control on all the migrated eRoom content, there is a good opportunity to restructure the SharePoint permissions after content migrated. You may consider to apply SharePoint permissions instead migrate the eRoom existing user privileges and ACLs.

The final decision will have to work with content owners. The eRoom Custom Groups and Custom Groups may also need to map to SharePoint Site Groups and Site Roles.


  1. Harry, have you looked at the Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint eRoom Edition?

  2. Yes and will post testing result for several tools.

    1. Harry, Did you ever post your results/impressions?