Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Play video and media files in SharePoint 2013 sites

There are several different ways you can play or video media file from a SharePoint 2010 site as we summarized in previous blog. Since we are planning to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, we are looking at new options SharePoint 2013 provides that we could leverage. At same time we have to review all the options on 2010 to see whether we have any issues during the upgrade.

The first and best way to store and play video on SharePoint 2013 is to utilize Asset library. All you could create an “Asset Library” and then add videos! The new video asset library default view is listed below and you will have many new features to play around.

There are many optimizations you could leverage to improve the usability and performance for video asset library on SharePoint 2013. You could refer other blogs on the details.

The second way is to use out of box webparts to play audio or video. There are three different ways using the webparts which is similar to ways we listed before.

  • Media Web Part -- From Insert webaprt-> Media and Contents->Media Web Part. Click Change Media from Media Ribbon and selected file from SharePoint library. This can only play video files on SharePoint sites.

  • Content Editor WebPart through IFrame -- Add a Content editor webpart on a page and then click on "Edit Source" in "Format”. Add the IFrame source in the Source. You could refer this blog for details. This can play video files on SharePoint sites and videos on other system like youtube.

  • Content Editor WebPart through embedded code -- From Insert webaprt-> Media and Contents->Add a Content editor webpart on a page. Click the INSERT ribbon and </> Embed Code. Add the following code to play video from youtube.

<embed width="600" height="400" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1KHFxLs5vHk" type="text/html" loop="false" autoplay="false">&nbsp;

Please note you should not click FORMAT TEST and then <> “Edit Source”. It will remove ALL your embed code on 2013! This is one difference. After you insert the embedded code, if you need to modify the code, you need to click edit web part and then the “EDIT SNIPPET” link will be displayed.

The following screen shot displayed same youtube from both Content Editor WebPart through embedded code on top and Content Editor WebPart through IFrame on bottom. You may noticed you will have size to configure and you ahve Youtube link on left bottom when using Content Editor WebPart through embedded code. You will have limited configuration if using Content Editor WebPart through IFram.



The third way is use third-party media player to play audio or video media file. Some of the implementations will provide video streaming function so client side will not need to multiple players to play different formats. Now Microsoft is promoting Streaming Media Services on SharePoint 2013 as we implemented on SharePoint 2010. Here is the list of the third party vendor that could help you to play video.
On SharePoint 2013, since there is new app, you might want to store your videos outside SharePoint like app store.


  1. You forgot KWizCom Media Player which can also play streaming video:

  2. hi am trying to use the content editor webpart and embed the code.
    but i need to find ways to pass the url dynamically from a list to the code to be embeded.
    can u help me out in this?