Friday, April 20, 2012

How to remove the duplicated Document ID after 2012 Feb CU upgrade?

2012 Feb CU release note indicted to fix the duplicated IDs issue.  This is the fix for any new document IDs.
The question to us is how we could the existing duplicated document IDs on the existing sites?

We have tried to the following procedures but none of them seem to work. See previous blog for details.

1. Deactivate/reactive “Document ID Service” site collection feature
2. “Reset all Document IDs in this Site Collection to begin with these characters” from Set Actions->Site Settings->Site Collection Adminstration->Document ID settings
3. Run two timer jobs named “Document ID enable/disable job” and “Document ID assignment job” for the webapp

If there is out of box procedure we could remove the entire document ID on the site and then regenerate for them again, it should get rid of the duplicates. At this time, we are generate the report to list all the duplicate document IDs and we may have to try to reset those IDs using APIs.

If anyone have any better way to remove the duplicated Document ID after 2012 Feb CU upgrade, please let me know.


  1. Yeah, it's an interesting one. I discovered recently that running the assignment job, as well as "re-assigning" the doc IDs only reassigns the prefix.

    Perhaps a manual approach may work? As the (OOTB) doc IDs are based on List and Item ID, you could grab these for each document (through Powershell or some way), and re-assign that way?

    It doesn't look like there's an OOTB way to do it, currently. Good functionality, but lacking in some features...

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